Children with Special Rights

At Rosalie we believe that children with special needs are children with special rights. We therefore give admissions priority to one child with special rights for each learning group of children. Our teacher will work with the child’s family and the child’s early intervention specialists to determine what are the special rights (in addition to admissions priority) of the child and how we at Rosalie can work to uphold those rights. For example, one child may have the special right to use a physically assistive device in the classroom. Another child may have the right to books with textured pictures that she can touch.

Children with special rights are part of the classroom routines and activities. They participate with children in exciting and interesting projects. At Rosalie we value all of their amazing abilities and strive to listen to their voices in all the hundred languages of children.

Our teacher, Emily, has experience working with children with multiple disabilities in a variety of settings, including at the renowned Day School of the Children’s Insitute in Pittsburgh, PA. She values all that diverse abilities bring to a learning community, particularly the reminder to expect the unexpected and revel in the now.