Cooperative School of Young Children


Rosalie's Cooperative School for 2-5-year-olds is situated in the Albuquerque Foothills. This program is located in a warm and welcoming home environment. Families who are not currently enrolled in the program as well as community members and early childhood professionals are welcome to schedule an appointment to visit Rosalie School by emailing or by calling 505.550.3852 (leave a voicemail).

What is a Cooperative School?

Cooperative schools rely on the families of the children in the program to assist in the running of the school. At Rosalie, parents (or other family members) assist the professional teacher in the classroom on a rotating basis and participate in the education of all the children. In a Reggio school, all educators meet regularly to co-construct their understanding of childhood and what it means to "do school". Rosalie families meet with the head teacher once a month in the evening to explore and discuss educational philosophy and its implementation at our school. They also meet once a month in the evening to discuss documentation of children's project work and mini stories from the daily life of the school in order to seek a deeper collective understanding of the children and their ideas. Each family's interests and talents are valuable assets to Rosalie.

Hours and Tuition

Rosalie is open from 8:30 - 11am Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Visit our Tuition page to find out the monthly rate.