About Rosalie Cooperative School


Our Inspiration

In creating Rosalie Cooperative School of Young Children, we envision a place of beauty and wonder where loving and respectful adults recognize and support the natural drive of all children to learn and explore their world, their identities, and their relationships. We envision a place of research where children and adults engage side-by-side in intentional learning projects. It is a place where families are not only welcome, but integral participants and co-learners. It is a place of listening: listening to children's voices in all their physical, gestural, oral and graphical forms, listening to the nuances of all aspects of the physical world and the relationships within it. It is a place of reciprocal sharing: sharing of time and space, sharing of knowledge between children, between adults, between children and adults, between children and adults and community...

Inspired by the internationally acclaimed early childhood programs of Reggio Emilia, Italy, Rosalie's curriculum is facilitated an experienced teacher-director and supported by the New Mexico Reggio Emilia Exchange.

Meet Emily

Emily has a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education, and has been teaching in the field for 16 years. She has worked with children ages birth-10 years old in a number of different school and family care settings, including the The Day School of The Children's Institute and at the Children's Campus of the University of New Mexico.

Emily is a registered trainer for early childhood teachers in New Mexico and presents workshops at the annual New Mexico Association for the Education of Young Children conference. She has also been a contributing writer for the University of New Mexico Family Development Program's semi-annual journal. In the Spring of 2008, Emily traveled with a study delegation from New Mexico to Reggio Emilia, Italy. There she visited the internationally acclaimed early childhood programs and had the opportunity to directly absorb wisdom from some of the educational greats of today.

History of a Name

Rosalie School is named after Emily's own early childhood experiences at Rosalie Kindergarten in Queensland, Australia. Rosalie Kindergarten has been a landmark on the forefront of early education and teacher education in Brisbane since it opened in 1935 as The Little Citizen's Free Kindergarten. This grand two-story timber building, built as a school in the center of the Paddington neighborhood, with its high ceilings, big windows and wide verandas was a place of wonder and joy, community and citizenship for Emily before first grade. Rosalie School is a testament to how early experiences can influence future life choices, as well as the children of the future.